Have you ever wanted to do something so challenging that your friends might question your sanity?

If so, come climb all 19,341 feet of Mt. Kilimanjaro with us.

The best part is that while you climb higher toward the summit,
we’re going to drill down deeper for clean water.

Each climber will help change lives in an African community currently
living without access to safe water. It will be an unforgettable adventure
with a higher purpose!

Register Today

Climb Dates

Machame Route


Registration fee

$350 (non-refundable, but can be deferred to 2017 climb)

Flat fee cost

$2,900 (airfare + visa not included)

2-Day Safari (optional)


2-Day Safari + Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon (optional)

$800 (These fees may be waived if you raise enough funds - see Incentive Program below.)

All payments for the climb and additional activities can be made to Climb Kili via the website. Our contact at Climb Kili is Tiffany Watson and she can be reached at 1.888.589.1884 or tiffany.watson@climbkili.com if you have any questions.

Are you up for a challenge?

Every hiker will be required to fundraise or donate $6,000 to build a well in an African community.

This is no ordinary climb…it’s going to be grueling and impactful at the same time. Imagine asking friends and family to help bring safe water to a village in Africa while you’re climbing over 19,000 feet in Africa!

Who Wouldn’t Want To Support That Effort?

You’re an adventurous person and you take risks.  You’ve also got enough competitive spirit in you to “out-fundraise” other hikers.

We believe you can raise the $6,000. However, if the amount is not met, you will be required to pay the difference at the time of the hike.

And just so we make it all official, you’ll need to complete a Fundraising Agreement to participate in the expedition.

Fundraising Incentives

Free Safari:
Any athlete who raises $9,000 prior to the Kilimanjaro Charity Climb will receive a free two-day Safari ($600 value).

Free Marathon and Safari:
Any athlete who raises $10,000 prior to the Kilimanjaro Charity Climb will receive free two-day Safari and free registration for the Mount Kilimanjaro Marathon ($800 value).

Get Started

Register for the climb and any additional activities with Climb Kili. You will need to make a lifetime deposit to reserve your spot (Upon your registration, you will receive a welcome packet with information about gear, weather, mountain conditions, rental equipment, what to expect, and training tips).

Contact Daren (Expedition Leader) to secure your spot on the Activewater expedition. You will need to make a deposit to secure your spot on the team.

Sign Release and Waiver and Fundraising Agreement.

Download more Kilimanjaro 2016 Details.

Set up your fundraising site and set a goal.

Get medical clearance for your participation.

Book travel to Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Get necessary travel visas and immunizations.

Make a plan to engage your friends, family, church, co-workers, and other supporters so you can meet your goal and help others get safe water!

Start training!