The story of Activewater might

actually be similar to your story.

Like you, we didn't begin with nonprofit classes, a room full of corporate dreamers, a million dollar grant, or even a single donor. We simply saw that millions of people were hurting and knew we wanted to provide a remedy to as many families as possible. We set out with a plan to make a difference, and that plan involved two friends.

Two Friends

These two friends were Daren Wendell and Amie Hadaway. They crossed paths while serving as volunteers for another water ministry several years ago. At the time, Daren was planning to make the most epic journey of his life: an 180,000 mile solo walk around the earth he called "The Earth Expedition" that would raise money to bring safe water to people in Uganda. Amie was a nonstop campaign organizer who was growing more passionate about the water crisis every day. When she heard about Daren's campaign idea, she saw endless potential and started directing all of her effort toward helping him make it a success.

In the course of a year, Daren walked the greater part of the USA (3,400 miles) and together, he and Amie raised awareness and funds through dozens of newspapers, magazines, local newscasts, and short film projects. However, along the way, "The Earth Expedition" transformed from a solo trek around the world into a vision of bringing together people from around the world through fundraising and education platforms. In December 2008, Activewater was formed.

Today Activewater is powered by Lifewater International and continues to provide thousands of people with safe water, sanitation, and hygiene training every year. We’ve worked with volunteer athletes that range from first-time 5K runner to ultra marathoners and world record cyclists.It’s not that we’re experts, it’s just that we see potential in everyone.

We believe that you have a meaningful story to tell and know that we can provide you with the resources to tell it. Thank you for joining in our mission; you make our story even better.

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